And yet again another week has gone by. Got few records this week and had some issues with some of those but now things are solved and I really like to thank those who are involved for understanding and thanks also for great customer services. This is my list for this misty and gloomy week.

LIGHTSABRES – Spitting Blood LP (ltd. 100 on opaque red vinyl)
BigCartel €12.99 + shipping
Oh, damn. Alternative/stoner/punk/grunge album coming.. Last on was awesome, this one is amazing.. just listen it (thanks goes to STB records!)

CHAUSSE TRAPPE – s/t 2xLP (ltd. 300 copies)
Kythibong Records €18.00 + shipping
Instrumental, experimental, could I say krautrock.. reminds me of early material of Circle. Thanks for the tip, You know who you are :)

ELEPHANT TREE – Theia LP (ltd. 50 on tricolored vinyl)
Magnetic Eye Records $17.00 + shipping
Quite awesome sounding bluesy stoner record..

NOVELLER – No Dreams LP (ltd. 400, various colors)
Taiga US $25.00/CAN $33.00/ROW $40 shipping included
Experimental guitar drone album from this awesome artist!

BRUNT – s/t LP (various versions)
BandCamp £17.99 + shipping (ltd. 50 copies)
Oh, instrumental psychedelic stoner whatever and woah!!

SHE KEEPS BEES – Eight Houses LP (White vinyl ltd. 500 copies)
Future Gods $20.00 + shipping
Bluesy rock, I wonder how I have missed this duo before…

FOLKLORE TAPES – Vinyl reissue series
KickStarter (become a backer)
This project sounds too good to be true! Tapes to Vinyl, sounds great.

JEROME SABBAGH – The Turn LP (ltd. 500)
KickStarter (begame a backer)
Hey, another KickStarter project, this time about this awesome sounding Jazz album..

PAN & ME – Ocean Noise 2xLP (ltd. 150 copies on bottle green vinyl)
Denovali €19.50 + shipping
Once again Denovali is releasing amazing dark ambient/droned album

CULT OF LUNA – Eternal LP (ltd. 500 colored and 500 on black vinyl)
Pelagic Record €17.00 -20.00 + shipping
Few colored copies back in store, if You missed it earlier make sure you won’t do the same mistake this time. Roll down the page and you’ll find it..

yep, that’s all. Nice end of the week for everyone!



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