Haa.. I got this pizza delivery today.. Actually I’m not smiling at all, more like speechless at this moment. Well.. pictures tell more than thousand words.


Here we can see that this awesome pizza package has nicely bent…


Oh, even without opening the box I can see what’s inside.. a record.


And the record itself, placed on the flat surface. How nicely it is twisted.. but that’s not all..


If I remember right, I asked if the album could be sent without shrink-wrap, vinyl taken out of the cover (in inner sleeve of course..). All this just to avoid possible seam splits.. like seen on the picture. Yes, it is still in shrink and unopened..


Sorry Aussies, this seems to be very last time I will order vinyl records from Your beautiful country (this is not the first time I have received record, hmmm packaged like this one..). And no, I’m not going to contact seller/band, too long process for me. I just stay here and lick my wounds.

6 thoughts on “Pizza delivery straight from Australia…

  1. I thought a lot about this because i was like you most of the time : Very frustrating continually receiving such shameful parcels. So i tried to find something that would sum up the whole lot and be as clear as possible with the less sentences as possible and i must admit, it works quite good and most of the time, sellers contact me and feel concerned about it ! The trick, is that i write it down at each step.

    Step 1 : At the end of the order and before to pay. Most of the time, you have a place where you can write your inquiries.
    Step 2 : On the paypal place, where you can leave a comment to the seller.
    Step 3 : If you can’t find the place i mentionned in the step 1. But no matter what, i write another special email to the seller after i made my order ! So sometimes, it may happen i write it down 3 or 4 times. If you copy and paste, it doesn’t take you a lot really !

    This is the text i write :
    Because of previous bad experiences concerning orders made thru’ internet and because i am also a tremendous fan of vinyl records, PLEASE would you WELL check that there aren’t bends, craks or seam splits on the spine’s covers before to pack them? Also, stiffeners or bubble-wrap and secured corners would be VERY welcome.
    Many many many thanks for that.

    Hope it can help :-)

    1. :) I always send/add a note including three things; please remove shrink-wrap if there’s some, send record taken out of the cover just to avoid possible seam splits etc. and please secure the corners of the cover.. Well, I have at least tried and everything else is in senders hands..

  2. Sorry to hear/see your disappointing experience. Probably the skills and integrity of the individual seller are more to lamented than the whole country blamed. Up to you of course.

    Greetings from Melbourne.

    1. Well, it’s up to me. And I’m not losing my hope because of this pizza box (even though I really do not appreciate packaging like that). I know that distance between our countries is one big challenge when talking about packaging, but using common sense every one should understand to put some extra effort when packaging vinyls. Oh, just ordered some great music from Australia couple of days ago (on vinyl of course). Now I’m hoping my fingers crossed that they have read my instructions about taking vinyls out of the cover etc. Let’s see.

      And hey, it’s not that serious after all. I think there’s much more bigger issues to concern than my meaningless whining about packing some vinyl discs.

      Greetings From Finland

      1. Sure. Basically, I’m with you. When I order vinyl and it arrives damaged (as happens all too often), I’m angry and disappointed. I really do feel your pain. Guess I’m just gently suggesting blaming the dimwit, not the country.
        Good luck with your next order!

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