Goat has arrived (at least one version of this new album). Yes, this is regular black copy but..


with unique cover. This Stranded Rekords version, exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store is limited to 200 (hand-numbered) copies and each of these copies has unique, different cover made by followers of the band. Not bad at all. Hey Zyma Banshee, your design has entered my record collection :)


Great album, but what else could You expect from this awesome collective. Now I’m going to place this blackened golden disc on my turntable and lean back. Oh, I also ordered that 5×7″ version and really hope to get my hands on that package soon

. Funny thing with that seven-inch SingleBox (limited to 1000 copies), it’s still available from Bengans for  $41.00 but there is already some copies for sale on Discogs from €66.00 to €200.00

Anyways, Goat is what Goat is, amazing.


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