Damn, this came nearly too fast,,, Hell Yes and thanks for this one goes to STB Records (for recommending this, I had no idea of this new release). This is my second vinyl from this artist and once again I’m smiling, this is awesome garage/sludge/punk/Lo-Fi/stoner album, like previous album was/still is. Recommended one, limited to 100 copies on opaque red vinyl and if you really want a copy, act fast. Available from his BandCamp site.


This came packaged like this and I was horrified.. but he must have some magic touch because cover etc. were in pristine condition. I’m in love!



2 thoughts on “Lightsabres: Spitting Blood LP (opaque red)

  1. I remember when I got the Demons LP being a little loose on the packing standards. I just put my order in for this one a little bit back. I paid for shipping to the US, which wasn’t cheap. Now I’m scared.

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