This has been a horrible week and I do not even want to tell about it. But anyways, here is something I have been watching. Surely there is tons of other records available but these are ones I’m interested. Few records I missed this week just because I simply had no money to purchase those (The Stranger, Eleh etc..). But hey, at least I got few awesome records, Voyag3r and yesterday came that second album from Lightsabres!!

BREACH – Venom 2xLP (ltd. 100 on clear & 400 on black vinyl)
Apocaplexy Records €31.00 + shipping
Yes!! Finally repressed and this time on douple LP

EVERYONE DIES IN THE END – All Things Lead To This LP (ltd. 300 on coke bottle clear vinyl)
BandCamp $15.00 + shipping
Quite hopeless name this band has.. shoegazing post-rock and I really like this, not bad at all!

MIKE & CARA GANGLOFF – Black Ribbon Of Death, Silver Thread Of Life (ltd. 500 copies)
MIE £12.00 + shipping
Hey, this can’t be bad record at all, acoustic drones with capella singing!

MARKETA IRGLOVA – Muna LP (ltd. 500)
BandCamp $19.99 + shipping
Holy Moses (or something..) what a voice this individual has!!

BARREN HARVEST – Beautiful Flowers 3×7″ (ltd. 100 on grey swirl vinyl)
Black Horizons US $30.00/CAN $40.00/ROW $48 shipping included
Nice one and I think that this special edition is soon gone..

THIS PATCH OF SKY – s/t 2xLP (ltd. 100)
BandCamp $19.00 + shipping
Holy Hell! Awesome cinematic post-rocking album!!

RidingEasy Records
This one is coming up today.. so be ready because it’s sure that if You are after this, You’ll hate act fast!!

Nice weekend for everyone..


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