Well, one week more has passed by. I decided to limit my hoarding a little, too much time and resources this hobby of mine is taking. That’s life, but do not be afraid, I’m not going anyway (I just have to figure where to get all that money I need for purchasing every amazing record out there!). Here are few of those.

36 – Shadow Play 2xLP (ltd. 100)
3six Recordings £20.00 + shipping
Finally on vinyl format. Note that this is pre-order!! (and surely will be sold out very,very soon..)

NECRO DEATHMORT – EP2 12″ (ltd. 333)
Distraction Records £12.00 + shipping
Experimental-electronic-mabient-noise, what eise you wanna know?

THE DEAD MANTRA – Nemure LP (ltd. 200 copies)
Cranes Records €13.00 + shipping
Some kind of twisted mixture of shoegazing post-punk..

OLIVIA PEDROLI – A Thin Line LP (ltd. 300)
BandCamp 20.00 CHF (Swiss franc) + shipping
I like this, even though it’snot metal nor drone :)

ULAAN MARKHOR – Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. LP
Soft Abuse $13.00 + shipping
Little different with some nice psychedelic atmosphere. Yes!

MANSION – Uncreation 12″ (ltd. 100 on ultra clear vinyl)
BandCamp €17.00 + shipping
Oh, spiritual-psychedelic-occult-doom or something. Comes with a “glow in the dark” slip mat..

RORCAL / PROCESS OF GUILT – s/t LP (166 copies on white vinyl) 
Rorcal 20.00 CHF (Swiss franc) + shipping
And if this ain’t dark one then what is?

GRST – Plague Seed LP (100 copies on coke bottle clear) 
Glossolalia Records $12.00 + shipping
Of course there must be some darkened-black-noise-metal..

Oh, Daggers For Teeth has few limited patches for sale if some one is interested :)

tadaaaaaaaa! Now I just lean back and drink glass of red wine and eat two wieners..


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