dream tempest

Picked this one from Post office today. Beautiful, droned-ambient album and I’m glad that this album finally saw light of the day on vinyl format. This album is made to listen with your headphones on. Oh and I can see that my name is mentioned inside the gatefold cover (just like those other 99 who partially involved funding this vinyl version). Yes, this is limited to 100 copies and surprisingly sold out.

And then we come to this packaging issue. Package looked like this (picture below):

dream tempest02

Every corner of the package has taken some damage during shipping, This was what I was afraid of (insufficient packaging and poor mailer..). Yes, this may sound whining to some of you but if I order something, I expect that it will arrive secured and in pristine condition.

dream tempest03

dream tempest04

dream tempest05

dream tempest06

I know that there was this option for registered shipment but I do not really think that it would have helped a bit. Anyways, even though the mailer itself looked like this, the cover of the vinyl has only minor bumps on few corners..

dream tempest07

dream tempest08

Actually this came in much better condition than previous release I ordered, Lithea (picture can be seen below)


Yes, I may be whining nihilistic-sad-loser-collector but I really hope that upcoming “Shadow Play” will arrive finally in perfect shape. Now this whining loser will crawl under the bed and grieve his miserable life that spins around his meaningless record collection.



2 thoughts on “36: Dream Tempest 2xlp (black)

  1. I am amongh those lucky 100 people, who own this record, too. Mine arrived in just superb condition, however the corners of mailer were bumped too (but this did not affect the sleeve, luckily).

  2. Ah nice to see that you’re also on that list. =). My copy came without packaging damage but Germany isn’t very far from the UK so , maybe thats why ^^

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