Don’t know if anyone been waiting for this weekly list but here it is (little late but sometimes it goes like this). Been busy at work, busy with cleaning poop from the floors (dog & cat both have diarrhea..), busy with inventory of my record collection (trying to decide what to do with records I have not been listening for long long time..)

KINK GONG – Gongs LP (ltd. 500)
Discrepant £13.00 + shipping
Well, something totally different, tribal-world-field stuff and as usually, sounds awesome

DEAD SEA APES – High Evolutionary LP (on clear frosted or black vinyl)
Cardinal Fuzz £13.00 + shipping
This fuzzed album is ready for pre-order, instrumental psychedelic..

LOST TWIN – The Mist LP (ltd. 300 copies)
Squaring The Circle €12.00 + shipping
Hmm.. here’s something interesting, ethereal electronics

JO MERAES – King Of The Crystal Mountain LP
BandCamp $25.00 AUD  + shipping
Love his voice, australian alt-country-folk..

NATIVE NORTH AMERICA (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966–1985 3xLP (ltd. 200)
Light In The Attic $35.00 + shipping
This cannot be bad purchase, at all! Title tells it all.

DIRTY BEACHES – Stateless LP (pre-order..)
Norman Records £15.89 + shipping
Hmm.. Norman has this upcoming (instrumental) album for pre-order. I might wait if there’s coming some limited version from Zoo Music

ERIK HONORÉ: Heliographs LP (ltd. 500, comes with CD) 
Grappa Kr. 199 + shipping
Ain’t this a beauty or what? Available from Norweigian Grappa

Summer Passes / Evidence Of Fractures LP (ltd.100)
Rural Colours £12.99 + shipping
This might be one of those “must have” items for me..

 2014-10-12 14.33.51

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