Oh, here’s this weekly list now (few days late). Anyways, this week was little better for me as a record hoarder. Of course I have forgotten some releases already but here’s some nice ones :)

THOMAS KÖNER – Tiento De Las Nieves 2xLP (ltd.150 on clear vinyl)
Denovali €22.00 + shipping
Yes, this is amibient, experimental kind of ambient.. I can hear piano..

LUMERIANS – Transmissions From Telos Vol III LP (electric blue vinyl)
Cardinal Fuzz £12.00  + shipping
Hey, this was nice surprise, I nearly missed this one totally. Great psychedelic rock band (maybe I should purchase also their previous album(s) too..)

DISTRICT 9 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [ltd. 100, Deluxe Expanded Version] 2xLP 
Pre-sale starts on Tuesday, 28th of October (within few days..) . One of the greatest Sci-Fi films I have ever seen (with a message..)

ELINE COUT – s/t LP (ltd.100)
Pretty Penny Records $25.00 including shipping within States. You’re living somewhere else? Email them like I did.
Wonderful sounding stuff, I’m in love with his one even though I have only heard one tune..

CHRIS RAINIER – Man And The Echo LP (ltd. 250 on colored vinyl)
BandCamp $28.00 + shipping
Little more experimental music, but so beautiful sounding. Thanks, Retter. My spying is showing some results.. :)

ENNIO MORRICONE – Lizard In A Woman’s Skin 2xlp (ltd. 500 on colored vinyl)
Light In The Attic TBA
Death Waltz £24.00 + shipping
This soundtrack will be available, today! Just go check those webstores for more detailed timetables etc. But hey, this might be one of these “must have” records to me..

Petrol Chips €12.00 + shipping
Damn, just listen this track!!

UR – s/t LP
BandCamp €12.00 + shipping
And of course there’s time for some crushing dooooooom!!

CELER – Sky Limits lp (ltd.300)
BandCamp €15.00 (about..) + shipping
And yet another beautiful ambient album from Celer!

BandCamp $30.00 AUD + shipping
This dark country blues album from Australia has been haunting on my wantlist far too long now, maybe it would be time to purchase this before it’s too late..


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