A picture paints a thousand words.


If some one would like to know what is inside this “professional” mailer, just contact me and I’m happy to reveal that. It’s a pity because I really waited this to arrive. After seeing some pictures of already packaged albums on company’s facebook page last week.. I became very worried. Well..

3 thoughts on “here we go again.. got quite expensive, quite limited album packaged like this (and packing & shipping cost me €15.50). Nice.

  1. Is the horror that lurks inside too much to reveal?
    On a happier note my Lightsabres – Spitting Blood arrived safe and sound, despite its lackluster packing.
    BUT, a different group of Swedes sent me their 3×7-inch EP in a bubble-mailer envelope. How well do you think that turned out after sailing across the ocean to the USA?

    1. It’s really amazing how narrow-minded some people can be when shipping vinyl. In this case I’m really pissed because I paid for insured shipping and this should have been delivered by DHL (courier) and this came via normal post, packaged like this.. it does not help that this is the most limited version of this 2xLP (cover bended, and tomorrow I’ll check how twisted these vinyls are).

      1. That’s too bad. Sometimes I wonder what the motivation of putting out the limited edition if they are going to be treated so carelessly. I imagine it’s extra frustrating to pay extra to be handled with care, only to have it come mangled. Too bad more albums aren’t packed like this (not mine, but love the packing quality):

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