breach venom

Yes! This one I got from Germany today, packaged extremely well/secured (there was even 4 stiffeners placed inside the mailer) but this is common service for this awesome record label, Apocaplexy Records. And yes, this is repress (on two vinyls) of this beauty. It was love at first sight when I found this band years and years ago (I blame their last album “Kollapse”). I think that this band was ahead of its time, mixing prog-hc-metal etc. together and creating something unique. Love this album, love this beautiful quality repress, love Apocaplexy.. this day is filled with love (well, most part of this day). It’s a pity that this band is no more around but now we have Terra Tenebrosa! Anyways, this clear version is limited to 100 copies (obviously sold out by now) but I suggest You to pick that regular black copy from Apocaplexy Records (oh, black copy is limited to 400 copies). Recommended release indeed!

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