This time weekly list is little shorter just because during this week there were couple of releases that are already gone. But anyways, here’s some new and some not that new items today on my list. Friday I managed to purchase this Electric Wizard’s limited box set (Black Masses, colored and limited to 100 copies) from Rise Above and hey, my vinyl-virginity with Electric Wizard is now gone.

MAMIFFER – Statu Nascendi Vinyl LP (ltd. 150 on clear/gold haze vinyl)
Sige $20.00 + shipping
Nice one and seems that there’s only 3 copies left..

BLOOD FARMERS – Headless Eyes LP (ltd. 150 copies on red vinyl)
Patac Records $18.99 + shipping
Doomed stoner rock and sounds awesome (thanks to STB Records for pointing this out!)

Soft Abuse $12.00 + shipping

Experimental psychedelic droned rock. Why haven’t anyone told me about this artist before? This is the debut album from 2012 and I love this as much I love his latest one, Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. ($13.00 + shipping)

TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING – Downbeat 12″ (ltd. 200 copies)
BandCamp $10.00 AUD + shipping

Very intense, somehow darkened instrumental post-rock…

PANABRITE – Pavilion LP (ltd. 150 copies on clear vinyl)
Anost €17.99 + shipping
Experimental ambient.. nice one.

That’s it for now.



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