Sold out.. seems to be the sentence of this week. I was after that Gravity OST from Mondo but missed that totally while taking our goofy dog out for the walk. Hmm.. Then I missed that Old Man Gloom’s most limited version aswell because I just missed it. No can do, after all those are just only records.. and of course I missed these eluvium vinyl releases..

Anyways, there are still some beautiful releases I find interesting and most of all, those are still  available (I hope so..)

CARLOS CIPA – All Your Life You Walk 2XLP (ltd. 250 on royal blue vinyl)
Denovali €22.00 ( + shipping)
And here we go again, damn beautiful upcoming release. For those who are in love with modern classical etc.

POPPY ACKROYD – Feathers LP (ltd. 250 on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 ( + shipping)
Another great sounding modern classical, contemporary album ready for you to preorder.

ROYALE – As Long As The Money Lasted LP (ltd. 300)
BandCamp $25.00 ( + shipping)
I do not know if this is my so-called weak moment but I really like this. Indie rock with some prog/psych elements.

SUNLESS – To Destroy a City 2xLP (black vinyl ltd. 100 and colored ltd 150)
BandCamp (band) / n5MD $22.00 + shipping
for all post-rock lovers, I think that I go for that colored one (it looks awesome!)

CRYPT TRIP – s/t (crypt edition ltd. 75 copies)
Poisoned Mind Records $40.00 ( + shipping)
Hmm.. this was recommended by RidingEasy & STB records and after listening one tune from this band I was convinced. I’m going after this one. This will be available within next 30 minutes (EST 3pm). Just listen. Well, this most limited version is sold out but there’s still 125 copies on orange and 150 on maroon vinyl available for $17.99

OLAN MILL – Paths LP (ltd. 300 copies)
BandCamp £15.00 + shipping
This modern classical/ambient masterpiese is available from Olan Mill’s BandCamp page.Released by Facture (few yers ago) this numbered vinyl can be found from Discogs for over €60.00 So, choice is yours..

PARALLEL LINES – White Fur // Black Cathedral LP (ltd. 300 on white vinyl)
Oaken Palace Records £12.00 + shipping
This droned psychedelic one has been released nearly two years ago but is still current..

HEX HORIZONTAL – Act Natural LP (ltd. 500 copies but there is this limited bundle of 25 copies..)
Geweih Ritual Documents $16.66 – 35.00 + shipping

Experimental stuff and I really like these weirdo tunes

I’ll continue with this list tomorrow.. now I’m just too pissed off about hose releases I have already missed during this week (Ok, it’s not that serious but I have to admit that I’m little irritated..


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