blood farmers

Holy shit! This came today and boys (& girls), this sounds wicked! Got this tip via STB Records (some one has a freaking good taste of music), listened one tune and was ready to order this jewel. Gloom-Doom-Stoner-Blues and heavy this is. If you like your music presented this way, this is must have record (…actually I can recommend this to anyone who love to listen music as heavy as this one is). This is limited to 150 copies on red and 450 copies on black vinyl. Patac Records and band itself has sold that red one out but there are still black copies available from both addresses.

and now I have to say that there’s something wrong with these people working around postal delivery. This package came looking like untouched.. until I noticed that one corner was dinged.. surprisingly that reflects on the cover of this album I got. Don’t take this wrong, record was packaged secured. With this case my middle fingers are pointing to direction of postal delivery personnel.

If anyone out there know where to get pristine replacement cover to this vinyl of mine, just contact me (I can pay postal fees if You just promise super-secured shipping). Love & gloom

blood mailer

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