I picked this up from the Post office today. As far as I know this is the most limited version of this double vinyl (this was not available for public, limited to 100 copies). Few weeks ago as I was sitting on the train on my way to home when there came this tweet from Rise Above Records that few of these were available to purchase and I managed to pick a copy. Maybe this was little expensive but certainly worth every penny.

And yes, this is the first Electric Wizard’s album I have on vinyl (actually first on any possible format..). And one thing I have to say about packaging (which was very well secured).. I have never ever seen these kind of corner protectors :)


Awesome packaging from Rise Above Records! Thanks!! I really appreciate this kind of service!

One thought on “Electric Wizard: Black Masses 2xLP (boxset, purple on clear vinyl)

  1. Rise above records have always excelled with their packing but I also have never seen anything anything like they corner protectors before.

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