Eline Cout01

It has landed, actually it landed yesterday. Damn I’m happy that I ram to this album via The Limited Press. And about the music itself performed on this beauty, experimental exploration beyond soundscapes? I honestly do not know. It’s better that you check this brilliant release for yourselves. This release is limited to 100 copies and what I really like is that the cover has a woodcut grid of 100 squares and for each record one square is taken from the layout till the very last copy has only 1 square remaining on the cover (as you can see from the picture, my copy is #20/100). Oh, there was also this little plastic bag along, including wood chips from that square which was taken out.. Recommended release, indeed! Available still from Pretty Penny Records (price is $25.00 shipping included within US). Possible customers around the globe, email and ask for shipping price.

Eline Cout03

Eline Cout02

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