Then we have this album filled with psych & kraut. This came in same package as that Dead Sea Apes, from Cardinal Fuzz of course. Damn what a fool I have been before, somehow I have managed to skip their previous albums and now I sincerely regret that. Well, I just have to hunt down those earlier records.. even though it will cost me some money. This is, how can I say that clearer, album worth every single penny I have invested in it and much more. If You like space/psych/kraut rock, this is “must have” item. I have no idea of limitation but Cardinal Fuzz have these blue vinyls and black ones available. For US customers, there are these orange copies (ltd. 200) exclusively through Permanent Records. Recommended, surprisingly!

One thought on “Lumerians: Transmissions From Telos Vol III LP (electric blue)

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