It has been a little exhausting week, very happy that it’s behind. Here’s some vinyls I find interesting at this current moment.

Pesanta Urfolk $25.00 (+ shipping, colored version)
And damn I have been waiting for this one to be released!

DAWNBRINGER – Night of the Hammer LP
HRR €14.00 (+ shipping) This is on black vinyl, ltd. 200
HRR €15.00 (+ shipping) And this one pn grey vinyl, ltd. 300
This is nice, I got two previous records already and surprisingly I’m going for this one too.

THE PHUSS – On The Prowl 12″ single sided
Magnetic Eye Records from $23.00 to $17.00 (+ shipping)
Bone edition ($17.00, ltd.100)
Milky Clear ($19.00, ltd. 50)
Translucent Red ($23.00, ltd. 25)

GRASSHOPPER – Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil LP (ltd. 300)
Hausu Mountain $16.00 (+ shipping)
If this relaese ain’t strange then what is? Anyways I love this!

RHIAN SHEEHAN – Stories From Elsewhere 2xLP
BandCamp NZD $42.00 (+ shipping)
This album has been on my “wantlist” for ages.. ethereal post-rock..

36 – Pulse Dive 12″ (ltd.100)
Upcoming 12″ EP (in January 2015)


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