WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH: Revisionist LP (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book)
Lost Tribe Sound $33.00 (+ shipping)
Release date is on February, 2015

I do not usually write anything in advance, now I have to make an exception.This just sounds so amazing.. breathtaking. Even though there is only one song to listen on BandCamp, it’s enough to convince me that this record is worth to own. Awesome mixture of post-something-folk-classical-indie-experimental-drone..
I found this one while surfing around BandCamp and it did not took much time to realize that William is also part of Death Blues with Jon Mueller (Death Blues released awesome album earlier this year called “Ensemble” which is still available from RHYTHMPLEX, Anost & Norman Records).

With shipping costs this album would cost about 50 euros to me, so I just have to wait if I could get my hands on this via Boomkat, Norman Records, Anost or
Denovali (for example). One thing is for sure, I have to get this one! Damn!

Death Blues: Ensemble (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book) available from RHYTHMPLEX and for us here in Europe from Anost or Norman Records.

VIEO ABIUNGO (William Ryan Fritch): And The World Is Still Yawning LP (deluxe edition with remix CD & poster) Some earlier stuff from William and sounds as amazing as this forthcoming one. Available from Lost Tribe Sound and us here in Europe from Norman Records


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