Little longer list this week but that’s how it goes. Finally we have snow here and this is looking like a real winter.. at least for few days.

CHARLES HAYWARD – Anonymous Bash LP + DVD, screenprinted & handpainted cover (ltd.150)
Samarbeta £15.00 (+shipping)
Well, been watching how this vanish from BandCamp but still available from Samarbeta. The is also regular version available. Interesting release indeed.

GARETH FLOWERS + JOSH MASON – Silent Period LP (ltd.250)
sunshineltd TBA (release date 19. January 2015)
Yep, one of those “must have” records for me. Experimental ambient.. I do not know but this tune on SoundCloud sounds awesome..

WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH – Revisionists 2xLP (ltd.300)
Lost Tribe Sound $33.00 (+ shipping)
I know, I posted about this release earlier  this week..

A SWARM OF THE SUN – The Rifts 2xLP (on white vinyl)
Version Studio Records €18.00 (+ shipping)
Damn I like this one! Metal/post rock or something but who cares when this sounds this good. Must buy for me.

YODOKII – The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns 2xLP (ltd.240)
tonefloat €25.00 (+ shipping)
Tonefloat is hitting hard with two awesome releases.. experimental/fusion/free jazz with drums, tuba, flugabone & electric guitar

DIKEMAN / SERRIES – Cult Exposure LP (ltd.240)
tonefloat €15.00 (+ shipping)
And that another one from Tonefloat..

KACY & CLAYTON – The Day Is Past & Gone LP
BandCamp $19.00 (+ shipping)
Of course we must have some folk/blues/country on this list

GRAWL!X – Good Grief LP (ltd.250)
Time Travel Opps £12.99 (+ shipping)
Shoegazing experimental folk or something but hurry, there are only 4 copies left of version that includes handbound lyric book..

Denovali €18.00 (+ shipping)
Well, the title of this soundtrack tells it all.

HAROLD BUDD + ERALDO BERNOCCHI – Music for Fragments from the Inside 2xLP
Sub Rosa €14.50 (+ shipping)
Beautiful release..

Denovali €17.95 (+ shipping)
And last but not least, Morricone.

 week 50

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