36 - hollow

Yesterday I posted about that double album, ‘Shadow Play’ by 36. Well, today’s post is about that extra item which was included. As You can see on the picture, it is ‘Hollow’ by 36 and actually the only twelve-inch by him that my collection was missing. And just for clarification, I didn’t ask any of this, replacement nor anything else. I really appreciate how he is taking care of his fans/customers (it’s quite rare nowadays..).

But about this album and most of all, music on it. Like I wrote above, my collection was missing this little piece of heaven and while listening this I really wonder why? Once again beautiful ambient-drone-experimental-darkened-instrumental album wrapped inside this certain melancholy/sadness.. hard to describe all those feelings his music brings along. Recommended album (like all his album are), limited to 250 copies and still available from his BandCamp site. Beauty.

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