It’s been a while, but here I still am. I have been busy with moving our things & stuff to another address (and another town) for last few weeks and then we also had these Christmas things messing the whole concept etc. This was the fourth time I’ve moved during these few years and every time it getting harder & harder, I can touch my toes without bending..

But here’s some interesting vinyls and most of all that Bohren & Der Club Of Gore album..


BandCamp €30.00 (+ shipping)
No words, just go and get a copy..

[UPTATE 12/30/2014] DO NOT PURCHASE ITEM ABOVE, IT SEEMS TO BE UNOFFICIAL RELEASE (and this BandCamp site has nothing to with Bohren & Der Club Of Gore)

GIRMA YIFRASHEWA – Love and Peace LP (on colored or black vinyl)
Unseen Worlds $18.00 (+ shipping)
Awesome artist playing awesome tunes with the piano! Both vinyl colorways are limited to 300 copies.

THE FLYING EYES – Leave It All Behind Sessions LP (ltd.200, colored vinyl)
Noisolution €17.99 (+ shipping)
Nice sounding alt-folk-blues-country-psychedelic album indeed

THE HIGHWAY KIND – s/t LP (ltd. 100, on blood-red marbled vinyl)
BandCamp $15.00 CAD (+ shipping)
Another nice sounding blues-psych-garage album

BLACK THREAD – Drifting Snow 7″ lathe cut (ltd.24)
Cascading Fragments $10.00 (+ shipping)
Yes, I’m addicted to these sounds Black Thread is providing

JENS BOE BOSTEEN – I Am A King LP (ltd.120)
2000 records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Strange little folk-indie-pop records but I like this one. Thanks to @retter for this one too, once again :)

Under The Spire Recordings and yes, they have this huge sale, YES Just check these out or head straight to their BandCamp site.

QUICKSAILS – Silver Balloons In Cluster LP (ltd.200) Price £4.00

MYRMYR – Fire Star LP (ltd.200) Price £4.00

MARK TEMPLETON – Jealous Heart LP (ltd.300) Price £5.00

MIKE SHIFLET – Choir, The Army LP (ltd.250 on purple vinyl) Price £5.00

CONCESSIONAIRES – Artificial Interface LP (ltd.250) Price £5.00

REFRACTOR – Locus Suspectus LP (ltd.200) Price £2.00

As You may have noticed, these records are filled with drone-ambient-electronical sounds. If sounds like these are Your thing, I suggest You to purchase some of these albums, like I did.


36 thoughts on “weeks 51 & 52 and return to civilization.. [UPDATE 12/30/2014 about that “Black Earth” 2xLP]

      1. Btw thanks you posted this! I would have totally slept on this one. When i first listend to this album around 2006/7 it blew my mind with “Maximum Black”.

      2. I already called paypal. I have to wait a week before i can cancel it. Well , at least it doesn’t suck as hard. Still now i want a official reissue even more! >_>

  1. The last one on Discogs sold for 157€ , whatever this is it’s way more reasonable than anything else. Only the shipping sounds weird. 11,70€ inside Germany? Hm , whatever!

  2. Damn, guys. I was so excited so immediately ordered it :( This is my first fail, so how can I get my money back? Open a case in PayPal?

    1. Same here, I ordered it immediately also. Opening a dispute on PayPal seems to be only solution with this freaking scam.. Like you, I’m totally newbie with these claims on PayPal but someway or another I want to cancel that order. I don’t want anything to do with scams like this seems to be,damn!

      1. The funny thing is that I had a doubt for a second because there is no info about re-issue or something. But as I said I was to excited and didn’t want to loose a chance to get this masterpiece on vinyl. :) I hope we’ll get our money back – there are a lot of other reasons to spend them.

    2. As far as i know and how the support lady on the phone told me we can’t cancel it before at least one week has passed (counting from the day we ordered). Then you can open a dispute about “i didn’t get the item/product etc.” The seller then has to prove that he sent it. And i doubt he can. Also the band itself made the statement so maybe they can pressure the person behind this. After all he is making money with their “material”!

      1. Well, as we already know, this is a scam. And I do not like that he’s selling stuff and unofficial items (or whatever) under the name of the band. That BandCamp site is misleading customers and that’s a good reason to open a dispute. I’m seeing red right now..

      2. I’ve already opened a dispute asking him to return my money because I’m pretty sure that we won’t see those records at all. If he won’t respond in a week (in which I’m also pretty sure) then I’ll escalate it to the PayPal.

  3. I should have known this was to good to be true. Unfortunately I ordered Black Earth and will now dispute the transaction via PayPal. Thanks to everyone in this thread who responded with such useful info. Happy New Year!

  4. Any news on your disputes guys? I got an email from paypal that the buyer sent a FedEx tracking number and i should check it out if it’s ok. But FedEx can’t find anything under that number.

  5. Same thing here tracking number that leads nowhere. Disgusting point is that PayPal do not even care if this guy is selling unofficial/illegal copies.. Alarming thing is also that Laszlo Samu and his illegal BandCamp pages has vanished from the BandCamp

  6. Yeah i guessed that maybe Bandcamp has reacted because some people wrote emails about the fake site. Well i talked with paypal’s twitter support and was told to open a dispute. I mean now that the site is pulled offline he cannot argue in any way. I just hope he hasn’t cleared his bank account yet and paypal can get my money back.

  7. By the way, i’m curious do we have the same “FedEx” Tracking Number? Mine is (ID#)00520938. Paypal is currently checking it after I had another little chat with the twitter support.

    1. No, seems like we have different (mine is ID#01962202). It’s silly that you can’t respond in a claim until PayPal checking it. I have two things to say already:
      1. Non existing tracking number
      2. The shipping to my place was 8 euros and I don’t think that FedEx has such low rates.

    2. I got different tracking number, funny thing is that he has provided this info to PayPal but won’t answer my email nor messages via PayPal..

  8. How’s it going guys? My case was closed today in my favor. More than that – I can see refund in PayPal log.

  9. I’m still waiting for a decision regarding my PayPal dispute, but the fact that others in this thread have received refunds increases my confidence for a positive outcome. Thanks.

    1. I think it’s quite strange that some of us have been refunded and some are not (like myself). This was my first time I opened a dispute and maybe I have done something wrong.. I don’t know.

  10. Xe4ro, You are not alone.. mine is still under checking and somehow I’m quite sure that I can kiss my money goodbye..Mr.Laszlo Samu (lowlife) is playing with PayPal and providing faked FedEx tracking numbers.

  11. Guys, what I did is just twitted to PayPal support and said that provided number is fake. After 5 hour the case was closed in my favor. Maybe try to do the same.

      1. Ahahahah!! I got an reply on twitter just an hour ago that the support guy looked at it again and it’s now decided in my favor and in about 2-5 days i will have my money back = )! I hope mugwumb will get his money too. I’d recommend the twitter method , there you can interact way better than with their phone support.

      2. I called PayPal support and was told I couldn’t get a refund until my case closes on Jan. 20th. Bummer to have to wait, but I’ll just be happy to have my money back. Thanks for all the info posted here regarding this Black Earth scam.

    1. Case closed today, for my favor.. Really hope that everyone will get refunded. And yes, Twitter seems to be the best way to communicate/resolve this issue. Thanks guys!!

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