Uuh.. here’s few interesting records for this week. Oh, in the end of this post You can find nice picture of mailers.. last three purchases came packaged in these mailers and as we all know, I do not really like these kind of mailers (it’s amazing that all those three record came in quite good condition, only one cover had smashed corner).


JASMINE GUFFOND – Yellow Bell LP (ltd. 350)
Sonic Pieces £21.90 (+ shipping)
Yet another awesome release from Sonic Pieces

JACK NAME – Weird Moons LP (clear)
Castle Face (US) $17.00 (+ shipping)
Castle Face (UK) $17.00 (+ shipping)
Weird indeed, but in good way :)

RICARDO DONOSO – Saravá Exu LP (ltd. 150 copies on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
New one from Donoso released by my favorite label, Denovali

RICARDO DONOSO – Deterrence LP (ltd. 150 copies on silver vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
And then we have this vinyl repress of Donoso’s cassette release from 2010

SECOND MOON OF WINTER – One For Sorrow, Two For Joy LP (ltd. 150 copies on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
Very interesting release, sounds awesome (to my ear)

FELICIA ATKINSON – A Readymade Ceremony LP (100 on clear & 400 on black vinyl)
Shelter Press €15.00 (+ shipping)
It’s quite certain that the clear one is sold out already.. who knows

MARK ROGERS & MARY BYRNE – I Line My Days Along Your Weight LP
Important Records $16.00 (+ shipping)
I have no idea how in hell I have missed this one..


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