This double album by Bing & Ruth also arrived few days ago. I don’t really know what version this is because as far as I know the other disc should be on purple vinyl (so is this repress or what? I honestly thought that I was purchasing colored version with one purple and one blue disc..). Interesting. Yep, and about the music on these discs, this is minimal, classical ambient. Music for late evenings and like so many other records, this needs headphones to get all out of these tunes. Colored version of this record is limited to 100 copies and it’s sold out (and I mean the version with blue & purple discs), this version I got is probably some kind of mutated repress or something.. or maybe this is just a regular version of this album, don’t know. Beautiful record anyways. Available (regular one) from RVNG and Anost, for example.


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