Candyman, candyman, candyman,candyman, candyman… Picked this up from the post office earlier today. I never ever thought that someday I’ll find myself buying soundtracks.. like I do nowadays. This I had to have just because this film caused me numerous nightmares, sleepless nights and for some time I was afraid of mirrors.. hey, that was years and years ago (here I am trying to convince myself..) Hahaaa :)

This is released by Light In The Attic and limitation of this one goes roughly; 500 copies on silver mirror, 500 copies on  bee striped, 1400 copies on black vinyl and then there is this  transparent yellow version (Clive Barker exclusive, surprisingly sold out) limited to 100 copies. Horrified soundtrack and at least regular copies are available from various places, Light In The Attic, One Way Static, Boomkat & Norman Record for example..

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