Finally, it’s here on my sweaty hands. Been listening this one via BandCamp for ages now and finally it has arrived (actually few days ago) even though it was sent to my old address.. luckily our bureaucratic postal system was generous enough to redirect this and did not return it to the sender (as they normally do). I love this album, it’s crushing and same time so fragile.. I do not even know what I’m trying to say here, just listen this to yourself, bluesy stoner metal/rock is the name of the game. I pre-ordered this months ago and it came out on this tri-colored vinyl (limited to 125 copies). This version is obvious sold out but there are still two other colorways available from Magnetic Eye Records (I’m not sure about limitations of these two other versions..but according MER’s BandCamp page, both are limited to 50 copies each and that black/bronze color in color looks awesome!!). Recommended album, highly!!

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