Short correspondence about tiny, tiny seam split on the cover of the purchased album.. and how it escalated to something else. Starting with my note to the seller when I purchased the album:

Could you please ship this record taken out of the cover just to avoid possible seam splits during transport and please secure the corners of the cover..

With this I obviously meant that I would like the album shipped record (in inner sleeve) separated from the cover. I got this mail from the seller:

Thanks for your inquiry about the shipping. We do not recommend to separate the record from the sleeve. The record is completely sealed with the plastic cover to keep the whole package safe. So please do not worry about the seam splits during the shipping.

If you still want us to unseal the record, please let us know.
Be aware that unsealed records can’t be returned.

Well, in this pont I made a big mistake and allowed them to ship this album the way they thought was best. Result can be seen on the picture below (album is still sealed in shrink wrap).


I sent a picture and this note to them:

Well, here’s the reason (in the picture attached) why I asked to sent cover & vinyl separated. Seam split, on the top seam of the cover. Removing vinyl (in inner sleeve) from the cover prevents these things to happen :(

I should have kept my mind in this case but I trusted on You. My bad. Now I have to try to purchase this album somewhere else to get a pristine copy (without damaged cover)

Note that I did blame myself, not anyone else. Then I got the answer to my mail which was understanding and apologetic:

We are sorry to hear about the seam split.

We mostly get positive feedbacks from the people purchasing through our web shop. More than 99% of the orders we sent out arrive in perfect condition. And we could firmly say that we did our best to fix it as much as we could after receiving your email. But unfortunately, it must have been mistreated somewhere on the way to you. This seems like a very unlucky coincidence.

We are definitely aware of the possibilities of damage on records and therefore, a lot of time was spent on looking for the best LP mailers that protect the records as good as possible.

Again, we apologize for what has happened to you and we will continue to deliver the best quality of music.

I should have stopped here.. but I was stupid enough trying to explain what causes these splits on the cover. Seems that I was too offensive or something..


There was nothing wrong with the mailer used (one of the best mailer type available). The problem is that the vinyl record itself is moving inside the cover during the transport causing these splits on the cover. That’s why I always ask to ship records & covers separated (trust on me with this one, I have ordered hundreds of records from overseas and I’m very aware what is causing seams to split). This is a good reminder that I should keep my mind.

For example, HR Records have this really nice announcement on their

All shrink wrapped LPs will be taken out of the foil and the record and the cover will be separated to avoid transport damages like seamsplits!”

Well, still my bad.

Then the tone of this conversation turned to this following & last message:


obviously you are the only one here who has a problem with this. We get a lot of great feedback that the records arrived in perfect condition, even if the vinyl is shipped inside the cover. Also on your picture I can only see that the inside sleeve has a little split. So what do you want us to do? Ship the vinyl without any protection around, so that you can then complain that you have scratches on the record and can’t listen to it, because it was moving in the mailer?

Please feel free to not order from us anymore!

Yep, this was just what I was after.. & some seems to have X-ray vision because in the picture, album is still sealed and I can’t see if the inner sleeve has any splits (even thought I would care).. It was time to blow the whistle. I learned my lesson.

Still my bad but Thanks!


6 thoughts on ““Please feel free to not order from us anymore!”

  1. I am saddened by this, they do some nice stuff – handmade too….however, the label still don’t get your point which is worrying…..
    I ordered Deaf Center recount on cd direct from them and it was insufficiently packaged and yes badly creased at one corner- this was a cd ). I mentioned it too them and in fairness they did send out another cd after emailing evidence….

  2. I have liked stuff they have released a lot, that never changes but after this kind of response I will order their future releases elsewhere like they wish. I do not know what I was thinking when they assured that the best way to ship the record is in shrink. But after all, I blame myself for this, my fault.

    I really like this sentence “obviously you are the only one here who has a problem with this”. I seriously doubt that I’m the only one with these split-issues..

  3. I understand to name and shame rogue or poor vinyl distributors/suppliers is not what you do, however, and much as I do like this label, they have treated you disrespectfully and you should make it known.
    I can’t believe the comment ‘feel free not to order from us anymore!’…..they will see a big drop in sales from you alone!!

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