silent period

Picked this up today from Post office and it came in perfect condition (very much alive, Josh!), no shrink wrap, record (in inner sleeve) & cover separated and even the corners of the cover were secured. Nice (actually much more than just “nice”). One of those must have albums for me (it took only few seconds to fall in love with this record).

Music on this disc is.. experimental-droned-ambient and hell yeah, love that trumpet. Like it’s said on the back of the cover “Late night listening is recommended.” I can’t argue with that. Beautiful. Limited to 250 copies and available from Sunshine ltd. Not that many copies left..

One thought on “Gareth Flowers & Josh Mason: Silent Period LP

  1. Never heard of this. Liked it. I’m sure you probably have it but if not, Kevin Drumm’s Imperial Distortion is a must. It’s a 2008 release that got reissued on green vinyl in 2013 via hospital Productions. Til this day, to my ears if not the most then one of the most seminal albums of the entire drone ambient genre.

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