Some may have noticed that I did not update my blog during the last week. There’s a simple reason for that, I did not receive any LP’s and that is quite frightening for me as a collector :D

Anyways, I missed that Sumac album last week but managed to purchase that latest split album (Die Hard version) from STB records. Seems that STB is also releasing upcoming album from Lightsabres in the near future, awesome!!


BLOWN OUT – Jet Black Hallucinations LP
Golden Mantra £14.00 (+ shipping)
Psychedelic space rock. I really like this one a lot and even
the cover image looks awesome

ALEX COBB – Chantepleure LP (first 50 copies include a cassette)
Students Of Decay US $24.00 / CAN $31.00 / WORLD $38.00
Beautiful drone/ambient album from this gentleman..

VIO/MIRÈ – You Will Be Spending Time Outdoors, In The Mountains, Near Water LP
BandCamp $18.00 (+ shiping)
Actually this is damn good folk/pop/chamber album. Damn.

CRAANG – To The Estimated Size of The Universe LP (transparent yellow, limited to 100 copies)
Hevisike Records £16.00 (+ shipping)
Fuzzed psychedelic space rock yeaahhhh..

93MILLIONMILESFROMTHESUN – Towards The Light LP (ltd. 200 & colored vinyl)
BandCamp £11.00 (+ shipping)
Ifuuzzed/droned shoegazing..


One thought on “week 8 – weird week indeed…

  1. Jet Black Hallucinations is awesome. Dang! That was a trip to Mars and back. Does it remind you just a little bit of that movie Heavy Metal? It has a definite flying-through-space quality. I am totally buying this album. Thanks for the great blog.

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