Week went by relatively fast. Been listening little darker music lately (well, might have something to do with my work). Nice releases been popping up during the past week and here’s some kind of list of interesting ones..


YELLOW EYES – Stillicide 12″ (single-sided)
Underground Soundscapes (EU) €20.00 (+ shipping)
Sibir Records (US) $16.00 (+ shipping)
Yes, new release from this blackened metal outfit!

FVNERALS – The Light LP (on transparent black splattered vinyl, ltd. 75 copies)
Throne Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Ethereal, post-rocking, shoegazing, droned beauty..

VILLAGES – Procession Acts LP
Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
holy hell! First time heard this band and I’m in love.. dark..
Just Check out that tune on Bathetic’s site.

Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Different way to play guitar.. nice
Check out how it is done on Bathetic’s site
And hey, You can order both, VILLAGES & TASHI DORJI, albums
as bundled and save some dollars!

RHINOCERVS – RH 11 LP (111 copies on grey vinyl)
Final Agony $16.50 (+ shipping)
This is a dark blackened metal album and I just love it!
There’s also test pressing available if some one is after those..

VATICAN SHADOW – Death Is Unity With God 2xLP (colored)
Boomkat £15.99 (+ Shipping)
New one from this industrial/electronic/techno artist. Initial
copies comes on colored vinyl.

SATURNDUST – s/t LP (Die hard ltd. 50 copies & pre-order starts March 7th)
Helmet Lady Records $40.00 (+ shipping)
There will be various versions available but I myself will go for this
Die Hard version. Brazilian space/psych/doom band

KRENG – L’Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu & Grimoire LP’s (re-presses)
Anost has these both available to order now.
L’Autopsie €15.99 and Grimoire €15.99
II’m going for these obviously :)


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