Haunting, that’s what this debut album from FVNERALS is. I have been staring at this monitor for a while now wondering what to say about this record. This sounds hopeless, this sounds fragile, this sounds crushing. Is this darkened ambient, slowcore filled with drone soundscapes? I do not really know but damn, this sounds awesome! You better listen this album by yourself, maybe then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here..

This splattered version is limited to 75 hand-numbered copies and is (still?) available from Throne Records. Oh, there are also regular copies (on black vinyl, surprise) available either from Throne or from the band’s BandCamp page. Love this one.

4 thoughts on “Fvnerals: The Light LP (transparent w/ black splatter)

  1. I can see why they are having trouble selling just 75 copies. This is like the musical equivalent of Antoni Tàpies’s Gran Sábana (1968), a white sheet nailed to a white canvas. The music plods along; I think even funeral marches have a faster tempo than this. The Fvnerals might be he kind of band you listen to if you happen to be a vampire with the eons stretching out before you, but for the rest of us with a finite life span, the tempo doesn’t move fast enough. I think continents drift faster than this. The other ambient album you recommended recently, Western Songs by Nathan Amundson has a great advantage over this album, with more pleasing tempo and beautifully intricate guitar work. Western Songs gets my vote, in the relaxing ambient category.

  2. you need to listen (i’m late?) the brighton ‘sameplacebrothers’ called ‘esben and the witch’ :)

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