Slow Season

Yes, yes, yes.. another test pressing from Riding Easy Records.. Few days ago I find myself thinking why in hell anyone want to buy test pressing and surprisingly this one arrived.. Slow Season and their debut album, very strong performance when talking about blues/stoner rock. I had this one on my wantlist for a while and then, suddenly this TP came available to purchase.. and here it is. I like this one, I like every damn record Riding Easy is releasing (along comes these other labels; STB Records, Small Stone Records, HeviSike, Pink Tank Records, Poisoned Mind, Helmet Lady Records, Magnetic Eye Records… etc).

Anyways, really damn good album and this TP was limited to 40 hand-numbered copies and surprise, surprise it’s sold out. Do not worry, there’s still various colorways available at Riding Easy Records.

slow season


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