forse III

And here it finally is, the last part of this “Forse” trilogy by Alessandro Cortini. It took nearly two years to get this set complete but now I have all these on nice colored vinyls. I have been a big fan of Alessandro since “Forse I”, the first part of this droned, experimental solo career of his. Some may know him better by his work with Treznor’s NIN and Keenan’s Puscifer but I have to admit that I did not even know who he is before the first part of this magnificent trilogy. This album came few days ago from Important Records (along with that album by Mark Roger & Mary Byrne) and I have to mention that every single record from this record company has arrived in perfect condition, thanks for that Important. This 2xLP is limited to 500 copies and 200 of those came on purple vinyl like the one on the picture above. Colored (I thought that this was already sold out) & regular black copies are still available from Important Records (US) and citizens here in Europe can pick their copy from Boomkat, for example. Awesome set!

Forse trilogy


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