I admit that it has been little quiet here on my blog recently but there’s obvious reason for that; I haven’t received that much records lately and about my weekly list.. it will continue at this upcoming weekend.

But let’s check this nice looking set on the picture above. Brambles – Charcoal LP that I picked up from the post office earlier today. I ordered this one.. hmmm.. can’t even remember when it was. Anyways, it’s finally pressed on vinyl and it’s here, on our kitchen table, in front of me. And I love it. This painting has been painted with modern classical brushes and then soaked in to a vase filled with ambient soundscapes. Limited to 250 copies but sad as it is, it’s sold out from the source, Serein. Oh, there might be some kind of opportunity to get a copy though, check out Brambles Facebook page. This little record saved my week and Thanks to Serein for releasing, packaging (secured) & shipping this treasure to me. Recommended one, diamond.

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