Oh dear.. bad luck rides on the wheel. Lately I’ve been very busy at work etc. and that’s why there has been this is gap with my blog postings. Excuses, maybe I just have been little lazy more or less. Riding Easy announced Monolod’s next album last week and I somehow managed to miss the whole thing.. damn. But let’s see what else we got here.. And thanks to those who have sent me some recommendations & tips, those are always welcome!


Forcefield Records $15.00 + shipping
Lately this one has been on top of my playlist. I just love this darkened folk/country debut from Dorthia. Only thing is that this is too expensive item for me to purchase (and with this I mean shipping costs)

THE MOTH – And Then Rise LP (125 copies on clear/black splatter vinyl)
This Charming Man Records €14.90 + shipping
This release sounds very interesting. Doomed sludge/stoner,yes! Couldn’t find any samples from this upcoming album but here’s some clip from some earlier release.

MAAILMA – Speculum LP
Motljud €22.00 + shipping
I have also spent some serious time with this album, experimental-minimal-gothic-folk.. and this seems to be available from Cardinal Fuzz, sooner or later

MATTI BYE – Faro (soundtrack) LP
Motljud €16.00 + shipping
And because of Maailma I came across with this soundtrack by Matti Bye. This has been released few years ago but so what. Damn this is beautiful!

EKRANOPLAN – s/t 12″ (100 copies on black, white splattered vinyl)
Narshardaa €10.00 + shipping
Some sickened way I love also this one. Doomed/crusted sludge metal

36 – Sine Dust 12″
3six Recordings £10.00 + shipping
Once again awesome droned ambient release from 36. Few copies left..

BandCamp $21.99 + shipping
hmm.. little harder stuff here.. not bad at all though

POW! – Fight Fire LP (gold lace edition)
Castle Face Records $18.00 + shipping
And this is really good one. So good that Castle Face UK has sold this out already,damn.

FOGH DEPOT – s/t (150 copies on silver vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
And then some darkened experimental jazz vibes from Russia..

RICARDO DONOSO – Saravá Exu LP (150 copies on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
Darkened ambient, very crushing atmosphere here.. and I love it!


One thought on “weeks 10, 11 & 12 – silence..

  1. POW! Fight Fire seems to be available at Castle Face… the web site allowed me to add it to the cart. It’s fun, energetic music and kind of reminds me of The Cars crossed with T. Rex, (if T. Rex had synthesizers.) I can see why this is popular. It’s good! The gold-foil printing on the album cover is a nice touch, but I kinda wish they would have done a gold & black swirl vinyl instead. That would be a cool combination. A similar color scheme was done with Bong ‘Idle Days On The Yann’.

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