Too much amazing records and way too little money to spend.. damn.


Immune Recordings US $17.00/CA $25.00/world $31.00
oh death, oh sorry it’s blood warrior. Folk from US. Nice.
No clips from this upcoming album but some from the previous one.

PYRAMIDS – A Northern Meadow 2xLP)
Season of Mist €24.99 (+ shipping)
Profound Lore TBA
We all know what this is about, shoegazing experimental blackened metal or something.. Season Of Mist have this ready for pre-order and Profound early next week.

JENNY HVAL & SUSANNA – Meshes Of Voice 2xLP
SusannaSonata (NOK) 335.00kr to Europe and 375.00kr to rest of the world
Well,experimental and obviously too much for some but I really like this one.
If you order this one from the label, you get signed copy

THE HOWLING WIND – Vortex LP (75 copies on splattered vinyl)
Throne Records €14.00 (+ shipping)
Blackened metal. Not for every pair of ears!

Cyclone Empire €15.00 (+shipping)
Istrumental darkened (nearly black) sludge/stoner mayhem!If You like what you are hearing, you can also pick their previous album from the same store. Yes!

KINGS DESTROY – A Time Of Hunting LP (colored, limited to 100 copies)
Hydro-Phonic Records $24.99 (+ shipping)
First time on vinyl. Traditional, classic/Stoner/doom and sounds quite nice

STRANGEWEATHER – s/t LP (300 copies, 200 on black and 100 on white)
1859 Records $12.00 (+ shipping)
Something different, some kind of neo-folk or something. Just listen for yourself.

NICK JONAH DAVIS – House Of Dragons LP (ltd. 250)
Lancashire And Somerset £12.00 (+ shipping)
Now we are talking, acoustic guitars and experimental folk, yes!

TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING – Yield To Despair 2xLP (bone colored ltd 110.)
BandCamp AUD $40.00 (+ shipping)
I would buy this album immediately but those shipping costs.. Awesome record from this Australian post-doom-metal-rock group.

HEROIN IN TAHITI – Sun And Violence 2xLP
Boring Machines €17.00 (+ shipping)
Record strange enough.. to catch my attention. Nice one, in my opinion.

GARETH HARDWICK – Two Songs 10″ EP (ltd. 100)
Low Point £8.00 (+ shipping)
Some droned, experimental ambient to our lives.

Low Point £11.50 (+ shipping)
And some other nice release from Low Point, experimental drone.

RED WIZARD – s/t 7″ (various versions)
STB Records $25.00 (test press, 10 copies), $10.00 (die hard, 75 copies), $6.00 (white version, 125 copies) + shipping STB versions sold out!!
Kozmik Artifactz (EU exlusive, ltd 85 copies) on red/white vinyl and costs £10.50 + shipping
Niiiiicee.. stoner rock. STB versions will be available later today and Kozmik version have been available for some time now

HOLY SERPENT – Shroom Doom LP (die hard version with 3D cover, ltd 100 copies on clear vinyl)
Riding Easy Records $40.00 (+ shipping) there’s other variants also available..
This damn good sounding album will be available on next Tuesday (March 31) and surely I’m trying to get a copy (still sad that I missed that Monolord one..)

And then there are coming these albums by Leviathan & Bell Witch.. damn. And of course there must be billions of other great records available but I haven’t found those.. yet.

acting like a maniac

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