Muscle And Marrow

And finally.. I got a pristine copy of this stunning record on my hands! Actually I bought first copy of this record about 8 months ago but extremely well-packaged album arrived ruined (thanks to Postal delivery  & you can check from here what they did to my precious purchase). I got refunded by the band even though it wasn’t their fault. I must have had some kind of aberration at that time because I never purchased another copy until now. Anyways, this copy came extremely well-packaged like that previous one with one exception, it arrived in pristine condition. Beautiful release, experimental, dark, cold and that voice.. This is a kind of music you better listen via headphones… while standing on the beach, watching the open sea where storm clouds are slowly gathering.. pure hopelessness and one of my favorite albums. Still available from their BandCamp site. No idea about limitation but that’s not the point, just grab a copy while you still can.

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