nest - retold

This week starts with this one, Retold 2xLP on clear vinyl. This clear version was available for those who preordered this album (I don’t know what was I thinking back then when I skipped that growdfunding thing totally). Well, anyways I now got this clear version here, on my hands. There were few copies available to order few weeks ago on Serein‘s BandCamp site (spotted that via twitter) and surprisingly I couldn’t resist purchasing one. Beautiful modern classical/ambient album in deed, actually this is amazing..  According to Discogs, this is limited to 250 copies and about 180 of those are on clear vinyl.. so you know, those 70 remaining copies on black vinyl.. aarghh, I do not even wanna think about that on collectors point of view.

I was little horrified when I picked this up from Postal office because every corner of the mailer were smashed in.. (same thing was with that Brambles album few weeks ago)


But the thing here is that Serein is using mailers with “bumper zones” and these zones do exactly what they are designed for.. protect corners of the cover. It’s awesome that mailers like these are getting more and more popular nowadays, yes!!


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