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Electric Wizard: Time To Die 2xLP (clear) & RSD 2015


I was not supposed to purchase any “RSD” release.. But with this one I made an exception because I got this cheaper than original (2014) version and I was missing this latest one. Actually I was after that Red House Painters box set but my local records store did not have it and White Stripes “Get Behind Me Satan” was hugely overpriced, nearly €60.. Conclusion is..



  1. yep.. seems that there were only three box sets within these borders.. surprisingly those copies sold quite fast (same record store chain, different cities and I’m little pissed off that there was no copies available here..)

  2. Andy Young

    Shame RSD has been highjacked by bigger labels and ruined by ripping people off. Last year after queuing like a fool for 3 hours outside a tiny independent record shop in North Wales only to get nothing, I was determined not to make the same mistake this year. And I didn’t – instead this year I ambled into Liverpool late afternoon not bothered about buying anything, ended up stumbling across Adam Ant signing records in Dig Vinyl prior to his show tonight.

    Bought nothing today, better sticking to buying proper limited quality material from smaller labels throughout the year….

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