Been a little while.. Actually I have been little pissed off with this RSD2015.. I tried to grab a copy of that Red House Painters box set, and what a waste of time it was. To this part of the world landed  about three sets and those were gone within minutes. I even tried to grab the box set few days ago but skipped also that because of horrible shipping costs (nearly 30 pounds..). Then I got this great idea to pre-order those upcoming reissues on black vinyl just to found out that 4AD no longer sell physical or digital products to customers in the European Union.. whaaaaaaaat!?



ANAMAI – Swallows LP
Buzz Records $20.00 (+shipping)
is this droned ambient/folk or what? Really don’t care because this sounds awesome!

PRETTY LIGHTNING – A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain LP (various colors)
Cardinal Fuzz £11.00 – 13.00 (+ shipping)

ANTLERS – A Gaze Into The Abyss LP (Gold)
Vendetta Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Don’t know but I have been listening this blackened album for few days now and still I like it a lot.

BandCamp $15.00 (+ shipping)
Damn good sounding stoner! Self-released US version available straight from the band. EU version will be released by Kozmik Artifactz later this Spring.

DUNE PILOT – Wetlands LP (red, ltd. 130)
BandCamp $16.00 (+ shipping)
Yep, more deserted stoner that is worth to listen!

AUN – Fiat Lux LP
Cyclic Law $20.00 (+ shipping)
Dark, droned ambient “Let there be light, from light will come darkness..” hell yeah!!

ISASA – Las Cosas LP (colored vinyl)
La Castanya €12.00 (+ shipping)
For us who love acoustic guitars.. nice one!

KUBA KAPSA ENSEMBLE – Vantdraught 10 Vol. 1 (bronze vinyl, ltd. 150)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
Surprisingly Denovali is putting out some outstanding albums.. Once again.. Violins, cello, piano.. what can go wrong?.

Golden Antenna €15.00 (+ shipping)
Colored copies are already gone but so what! Sounds awesome, dark & heavy!

BOSSE-DE-NAGE – All Fours 2xLP (red)
The Flenser $24.00 (+ shipping)
Well, could be little hard to chew for some but for me this sounds quite nice..

Oh, I have this obsession also for patches as seen on the picture below.. some links to follow if you are interested Daggers For Teeth, Death, Hell & The Grave, Nine Lives..


2 thoughts on “week 17 – aaarrgghhh…

  1. I stumbled across your blog trawling google for a copy of Max Richter’s Infra on 12″ (playing now on my itunes) and you have a disturbing amount of similar records to me, given that I only have about 30 or so. 36, Antlers, Infra, House of Dragons… which given the obscurity of such releases is rather odd! I have a feleing you also use Bandcamp’s Discover tools and are attracted to good packaging!? That combined with a broad taste in music perhaps. Cool patches too by the way!

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