I picked this from the post office few hours ago. Certainly one of the most interesting artists when talking about modern classical/ambient. Somehow I managed to purchase this ultra limited release (only 55 copies on single-sided white vinyl with print on B-side) from Fauxpas Musik last week and I’m glad that I did because this sold out very quickly. Beauty this is, certainly. Sad thing is that there is already one copy for sale on Discogs, for nearly hundred euros..


One thought on “Brambles: Half-Gramme Holiday 12″ (single-sided, white vinyl & print on B-side)

  1. Yes no bargains to be had at Discogs.

    It is happening all too often, people buying ltd vinyl only for them to sell on at elevated prices….

    I missed out on the white vinyl had to opt for the less ltd picture disc….

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