There is a reason why I should avoid visiting any record store.. It’s nearly impossible for me to leave there empty-handed. Yesterday I came home with that Nick Cave’s album (mentioned on previous post) and this one, the second album from Ranger. Damn, I blame the shop keeper because this was playing on the background while I was crate digging. I couldn’t resist purchasing this album because it brought smile on my face and took me back in time nearly thirty years.. Ranger plays speed metal, just like it was played back then. Their music, record cover and appearance…  pure old-school and I really, really like this album. Is it just that memories grow sweeter with time or is there some kind of speed metal revival going on and I haven’t noticed that? Well, this is a great album and you can purchase this for example from HR Records or if wanna purchase LP with T-shirt, head to Record Shop X, if you’re interested. Mosh forever!!

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