stbGot this little package from STB Records yesterday and with shaking hands I opened the box just to discover these three seven-inches.. Hell Yeah! I have to admit that STB Records has grown to be one of my favorite DIY labels around. Quality releases, secured packaging, fast delivery, what else can you ask?

There are few reasons why I was after these two little ones. One is that I do not know these bands so well (if at all) and is there any better way to get familiar with their music than purchasing these sweet seven-inches? The other reason is the label itself and that human touch you can sense here.. like with my purchases. I got all these  following items with one exception, there was only one ring, the other one was missing. But that’s how life goes, sometimes mistakes happen & I think that I can live with one ring (actually there was also one sticker missing too..). But as I said, mistakes happen.

DoctoR Doom – s/t  7″ (Die Hard edition, ltd. 75 copies & metal pin)
Goya – Nothin’ But Dead Stuff 7″ (Die Hard edition, ltd. 75 copies & ring)
Goya – Nothin’ But Dead Stuff 7″ (lathe cut, ltd. 32 copies & ring)

Oh, and I wanna Thank Stephen for quick answer to my email about this issue, I truly understand that these things can happen especially when you’re running one-man-label. Just keep up releasing these beautiful records (this hairy handed dude here is waiting for that upcoming Lightsabres album..)


die hard


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