I have been very lazy with this blog recently just because I have spent most of my time at work, and all the spare time has been filled with beer & good company. I even managed to sew this demonic bag patch on my jacket with my bloody fingers.. But let’s get to the point.


LOCRIAN – Infinite Dissolution LP (ltd. 250 copies on silver-colored vinyl)
BandCamp $18.99 (+ shipping) / Relapse €15.99 (+ shipping)
Locrian, what else you need to know? No soundclips available this moment but you can check the teaser of the album here

SEABUCKTHORN – They Haunted Most Thickly LP (ltd.300)
Bookmaker Records €17.00 (including shipping)
Psychedelic acoustic folk? Well, sounds quite amazing anyways

PYRIT – Ufo LP (ltd.300)
Bookmaker Records €17.00 (including shipping)
And another nice sounding release from Bookmaker Records..

TENNESSEE JET – s/t LP (three variants, each limited to 100 copies)
Fonoflo $26.70 – 36.70 (+ shipping)
Yep, I like this one, a lot

KULT OF THE WIZARD – The White Wizard 12″ (ltd. 100 on blue vinyl)
Reflections Records €15.00 (+ shipping)
Hey, this is nice one. Stoner/sludge/doomed/rock twelve-inch.

PETRELS – Flailing Tomb LP (ltd. 150 copies on olive-green vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
Just listen..

ULAAN PASSERINE – Light In Dust 10″ (ltd. 150)
Worstward Records $17.00 (+ shipping)
nice, nice, nice, better, nice, nice, must have..

PRETTY LIGHTNING – A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain LP (ltd. 100 copies on splattered vinyl)
Greatest Hits Mailorder €23.00 (+ shipping)
Now that Cardinal Fuzz has sold out all versions of this awesome psych blues album.. you still can find copies from this location :D

And then some nice re-issues..

ELECTRIC WIZARD – Dopethrone 2xLP (100 copies on clear vinyl)
Rise Above Records £24.00 (+ shipping)
Latest pressing (2015) of this awesome record, various colorways available too (but you already knew this?)

ELECTRIC WIZARD – Come My Fanatics 2xLP (100 copies on clear vinyl)
Rise Above Records £24.00 (+ shipping)
And this one too, latest pressing (2015) and you already knew this, am I right?

UNITED NATIONS – United Nations (Deluxe Reissue) LP
Temporary Residence $20.00 (+ shipping)
I suggest you to visit Temporary’s webstore and check out the story behind this one. Awesome band and hilarious reissue of their debut album. Oh, and check out that tote bag :D

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