Woah.. Actually this arrived last week but I have been little lazy updating this blog lately (some may have noticed that..). Anyways, new band for me and I fell in love with this one immediately since I heard this experimental/slowcore/drone/shoegazing/beauty. Purchased this from The Flenser and I have to say that “money well spent” with this one. This is just what I’m constantly looking for, new artist & awesome musical experiences. I have been listening this record quite a lot recently and love this sadness filled atmosphere on this album. This pink-colored version is limited to 200 copies and it sold out quite quickly. Recommended one. Oh, you can get your hands on this (black copy) via Anost.

Now I just sit & wait for my Mamaleek & Bosse-De-Nage albums to arrive from the same source..

One thought on “Planning For Burial: Leaving 2xLP (pink)

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