And once again it has been a little while since my last weekly list but here we are again with some releases I find interesting..


HILDE MARIE HOLSEN – Ask LP (ltd. 200 copies)
Hubro (NOK) kr. 139,- (+ shipping)
This is how trumpet should be used.. love.

HIDDEN RIVERS – Where Moss Grows LP
Serein £16.00 (+ shipping)
Once again beautiful ambient record released by Serein

LIGHTSABRES – Beheaded LP (pre-order 27.6.2015)
STB Records TBA
BigCartel TBA
Third album of this awesome garage/stoner/punk artist will see the light of the day soon.. 27.06.2015! Be warned!

THISQUIETARMY – Anthems For Catharsis LP
Stashed Goods £13.00 (+ shipping)
TQA Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Aaargghhh.. I’m in love again! I do not even remember how many records from this artist I own but there’s always room for another brilliant record!!

Calostro Recordings €15.99 (+ shipping)
TQA Records $17.00 (+ shipping)
what, what.. how come I have missed this one? Spaced kraut/drone/shoegazing.. something

TAMAN SHUD – Viper Smoke LP
BandCamp £11.00 (+ shipping)
Psychedelid/garage/punk/whatever from UK and I love this one, it sounds evil..

CELER – Jima LP (ltd. 100 copies on sea blue vinyl)
Stashed Goods £16.00 (+ shipping)
Beautiful ambient.. surprisingly from Celer

OMMADON – Empathy For The Wicked LP
Golden Mantra £14.00 (+ shipping)
I couldn’t find any sound clips of this new one but check out their previous works.. Droned & doomed is the path they follow..

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT – Black Magic Man 10″ (white/swamp green ltd. 100 copies)
BandCamp €15.00 (+ shipping)
Taxi Driver Records €15.00 (+ shipping)
hmm.. not bad psych/occult rock at all

KINK GONG – Tanzania LP (ltd. 500)
Cargo Records £12.99 (+ shipping)
Latest vinyl release from Laurent Jeanneau and field recordings is the thing.

 And that’s all for now. Until the next time :)


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