tennessee jet

Niceeee. Hell yeah! I really dig this album! Came across with this release via SlyVinyl and it didn’t took that much time to decide whether to purchase this one or not. Well, as we can see, this beautiful (near brilliant) record is here with me. I bought this so-called “Falling Stars” version which cost hmmm..  some money (+ shipping to the other side of the world and then the record got stuck on Customs and I had to pay some more money.. etc.) Anyways, awesome album filled with blues, country, folk, honky-tonk.. you name it. And of course, this also seems to be Fonoflo‘s first release (not bad at all!). This is still available from Fonoflo and there are at least three color variations from to choose (there was also a series of 6 unique custom records but those were way too expensive for me to purchase). Recommended one, real treasure!!

One thing that made me little sad, and turned the corners of my mouth downwards.. usage of those “crucifix” mailers (really hope that these mailers will vanish someday from the market) and even those stiffeners on the package couldn’t prevent this to happen..


quite expensive dent..

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