Got home from my short vacation and there was this packages waiting for me.

zoydArt Zoyd and latest repress of their awesome “Génération Sans Futur” on black vinyl. Nice experimental & avantgarde modern classical album and so on.. but I have something to say about packaging.. once again.


Album came shrink-wrapped even though I asked to ship it record and cover separated, well it arrived without seam-splits and I was happy about that. Then I took a closer look and..


one corner smashed..


and another corner nicely smashed.. I do not know what to say anymore. It’s like fighting against windmills with these issues of lousy packaging. I do not even bother to complain about these damages anymore.. It won’t help. And I’m tired of reading mails of me being whining shithead because I just wanted to point out how important it is to use proper mailers or just secure those corners of the mailers or ship vinyls and covers separated etc.. fuck-hell-yeah, I’m that greedy/slimy one who is trying to take advance of your tiny business with pictures of free records in my mind.. blah blah blaah..

It’s sellers responsibility to provide best possible packaging for items they are selling and not to accuse customer being greedy/or something if they are not happy with ordered items arriving damaged. And it’s pointless to blame postal delivery for damages, because You all know that these REGULAR mailers are not secure enough!

Should I send my vinyl with these so-called “crucifix” mailers (extra stiffeners included)?

or with these ones?

or would it be better to use these mailers with “bumper” zones?

honestly.. and as a customer I’m ready to pay some extra for mailers like these.

One thought on “Blah Blah Blahhh.. about packaging vinyls etc.. once again

  1. I can totally sympathise with you experiences.
    When people totally dis regard your specific instructions and you have to live with the consequences.
    Glad to see that after years of patience you have at last got round to highlighting the culprits and hopefully warn your “followers” to avoid them.

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