My listing of some interesting releases. That Art Zoyd’s repress was on this list but for some reason it’s not anymore. Awesome record though.


NADJA & VAMPILLIA – Imperfection LP (ltd. 75 copies on colored vinyl, hand-numbered)
Throne Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Drone, drone, experimental, awesome, beauty..

ROSY FINCH – Witchboro LP (colored)
Burning World Records €18.00 (+ shipping)
Very interesting stoner/sludge/whatever release.. hmm

OAK – Beyond Oblivion (ltd. 100 copies on splatter vinyl)
Motljud €24.00 (+ shipping)
There’s something here..  post-space-psychedelic-stoner-rock

Boomkat £16.99 (+ shipping)
Initial copies on colored vinyl. Experimental droned soundscapes..

CIO D’OR – All in All 2xLP (ltd. 100 copies on clear vinyl)
Semantica €20.00 (+ shipping)
I’m sold. Experimental electronic, ambient, with some haze of darkness lurking somewhere on the background. Hell Yeah!

SPURV – Skarntyde LP
BandCamp NOK 200 kr. (+ shipping)
This is how you play post-rock, instrumental post-rock. Pure love..

GRUSOM – Grusom (marbled) LP
Kozmik Artifactz €23.00 (+ shipping)
What, what? Great sounding retro-blues-rock!

GALVANO – Trail Of The Serpent LP (cold with black haze)
Pelagic Records €17.00 (+ shipping)
Nice stoner/sludge explosion, I like this one (you don’t have to)

Domino £25.00 (+ shipping)
Norman Records £24.99 (+ shipping) + bonus CD (if you act fast)
At last, something new from one of my all time favorite bands !!!!

C H R I S T – TOWER 12″
l’oeil du tigre $12.00 (+ shipping)
Came across with this one while checking out that latest from THISQUIETARMY. Experimental, drone, ambient, noise, darkness and I just love this one!

 Tadaa! That’s all folks! For now :)


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