Angry Johnny And The Snots

This one I found today morning while I was visiting the flea market not far from home. Occasionally I love to do some crate digging even though nowadays it’s nearly impossible to find anything for reasonable prize tag on it. Today I found something interesting, “The Last Day” from Angry Johnny And The Snots. I have been a fan of Angry Johnny for years now and have some of his stuff on CD format but nothing on vinyl, until today. Johnny is angry, I know and there’s always been something fascinating on his music. it’s a mixture of rock, country, bluegrass, punk etc. but most of all it’s honest and straight from the heart. For some Johnny might be familiar of his artwork, for example cover of “Where You Been” by Dinosaur Jr. is done by this gentleman. I’m really happy that I found this, shrink-wrapped, in awesome condition and it cost me as much as 3 and a half euros.

Hah, just spotted that some one is trying to sell this vinyl on Amazon for $499.98



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